Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Catching Up

2011 NCVC/UnitedHealthcare Elite Cycling Team

Got some down time, thought I'd throw a quick update.  Things got a little crazy in March both at my real job and cycling, so I slacked off on keeping this thing current.  Here's a quick March recap:

- 3 day team camp at the Raw Talent Ranch (  Pretty much ripped my legs off going up those damn mountains, but it was fantastic training.  More importantly it was bonding as a team and enjoying the beautiful backcountry of West VA.  Oh, and Andy got 2 flats...then Paul got mad.

- MABRA opener at Black Hills Circuit Race.  This was a great showing by the team.  Paul and Sheff got in the early break and stayed away, claiming 3rd and 4th respectively behind two legitimate professionals (both of whom just raced at Redlands...)  I scrapped for 14th in the bunch sprint...we still need to work on our leadout timing, but it is coming along.  No flat tires, everybody happy.
Black Hills Circuit Race

-Richmond Raceway Crit - This was on the NASCAR track down in Richmond.  Six of us drove down, talking about domination, glory, victory...Abbott got 5th in the field sprint.  I won the 3 race here last year, but there was no repeat.  We raced 90% of the race perfectly, then jacked up the last few laps.  But more importantly, we learned a lot from it and will apply those lessons as the season progresses.  I finally have a full team kit...oh, and Paul got mad...again.
RIR Criterium

-Races keep getting cancelled or postponed.  Permitting problems, weather problems,'s been a frustrating few weeks.  However...BATTENKILL is on Sunday.

And so it is.  The first true test of my legs this season is less than 96 hours away.  I'm becoming cautiously more and more optimistic about Tour of the Battenkill as it looms nearer.  My training has been spot on, with the body feeling stronger and stronger every week.  On an epic 112 mile group ride, which covered every hill we could find and several miles of dirt roads, I actually felt myself getting stronger as the day went on, not fading.  To me that was the best sign that my training is working, and that my fitness is high.  With a little luck, Sunday could turn out to be a memorable ride.